(Cymraeg ddim ar gael) Town Hall Conference 2018: African Youth Development Summit United Kingdom

26 Mai 2018
17.00 - 19.00

Mae’r digwyddiad hwn wedi dod i ben

Trefnydd: (Cymraeg ddim ar gael) Niger Delta Youth Association (NDYA)

Lleoliad: (Cymraeg ddim ar gael) Dragon Hotel, Swansea

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(Cymraeg ddim ar gael)

is to take place on the 26th May, 2018 5.00 pm in Dragon Hotel, The Kingsway, Swansea, SA1 5LS, United Kingdom.

The Niger Delta Youth Association (NDYA) is a registered United Kingdom based Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) with the sole purpose of poverty alleviation, environmental conservation and to promote employment opportunities and advocate for youths in politics in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria. The aim of this meeting is to establish a device to empower Niger Delta youths across the globe on the copious availability of open devices through new media and other democratic undertakings, to liberate citizens from the obsessive secrecy in government, create economic development, the empowerment impact of youth in politics and the issue of “Political God Fathers” recycling themselves in political appointments in Nigeria making the Niger Delta and Nigeria as a whole a subject of discussion amongst international groups.

On the agenda of the conference, we will be discussing the following issues currently been faced by the Niger Delta. They are:

   •    Unemployment,

   •    Diaspora Voting,

   •    Oil Spillage and Gas Flaring,

   •    Environmental impact assessment,

   •    Degradation,

   •    Investment in Niger Delta

   •    Electoral suffrage,

   •    Sustainability,

   •    Baby deaths,

   •    Poverty and charity fund embezzlement,

   •    Pollution,

   •    Petroleum theft and oil block tussle,

   •    Exploration,

   •    And Exploitation.

For further details, please contact victorjames@ndyaworldwide.com.

(Cymraeg ddim ar gael) The Kingsway
(Cymraeg ddim ar gael) Swansea

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