WCIA's strategy for 2014-19

What this strategy is for

The WCIA seeks to benefit people of all ages and abilities, throughout Wales, and Welsh people outside our borders.

We want to provide a range of high-quality activities and support diverse enough to include everyone, so that people become life-long friends of our charity.

In this strategy, we set out how the WCIA will work towards this vision over the next 5 years. We look forward to welcoming you on our journey.

Our Strategy for 2014-2019

Our strategy seeks to bring together two important facets. Firstly, we believe being involved in global issues has value in and of itself. Secondly, we know it is more challenging than ever before to succeed in the global marketplace;so people need to be able to communicate across cultures and countries and have an awareness of the world outside Wales.

Being involved in global issues has the power to transform our values, our prospects, and our outlook on life.

With this in mind, we have established three strategic priorities for the next five years: 

Inspire a wider range of people in Wales to learn about and act on global issues

We want the WCIA’s work to be relevant to more people’s daily lives, and to be welcoming and inclusive. We’ll actively seek to include marginalised groups in our work and maximise the opportunities of online communication. We also want to support Welsh businesses to strengthen the international dimensions in their work. Where we don’t have the capacity to do things ourselves, we will help people find the information and organisations that they need.

Provide more opportunities for people to volunteer and develop skills

We recognise that skills development is at the heart of Wales becoming a stronger, more sustainable nation with opportunities for all; we therefore want to support people’s personal and professional development as they become involved in international affairs. Providing excellent volunteering opportunities is an important part of this drive, and can in turn improve the quality and reach of the WCIA’s work. We can also make a valuable contribution through the services we deliver to schools and businesses.

Play a stronger role in the development of Wales as an outward-looking and successful nation

We support the ambition for Wales to be a global leader in sustainable development, and we want to play our part in making this happen. Wales has cultural and historical strengths which can lend it a unique voice in international affairs, and we will host debates and influence government policy to this end. In international development in particular, we’ll help Wales to build on its strengths of community participation and international linking. Individual people have a vital role to play in these national developments.

Strategy 2014-2019

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