Midwives from Wales deliver training in Africa

Two teams of volunteer midwives returned to the UK last week after delivering urgently needed training in Liberia and Sierra Leone.  

"It has been amazing to see the changes that are taking place at the Redemption Hospital in Monrovia," enthuses volunteer midwife trainer, Emily Brace who works at UTH, Cardiff.  

Wales-based Life for African Mothers works with local hospitals in African countries to help reduce the high number of mothers who die in childbirth for want of some basic medications and midwives trained to spot complications early enough.

Despite progress, the levels of maternal deaths are still high at 770 per:100,000 live births in poor African countries. Life for African Mothers is stepping up its programme in Liberia and Sierra Leone through its training of midwives as trainers programme. 

‘Mama Natilie’ models for midwives to practice on and training manual are included in the package so that on the job training can continue. Where required, the organisation also supplies Misoprostol and Magnesium Sulphate, two essential lifesaving drugs.  

"There is no point in training midwives and birth attendants to spot problems and in the safe use of these medications if they are not available," says Angela Gorman, LfAM CEO. "The price of a postage stamp is what it takes to save a woman’s life and avert a family tragedy”.

For more information please visit the website.  

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