Volunteer with us

Would you like to get involved with international development work here in Wales and gain valuable skills and experience? The Hub Cymru Africa volunteering programme offers volunteering opportunities in our Cardiff office as well as in grassroots Wales Africa and Fair trade organisations across Wales. Simply fill out this form.

Read about the experiences of another Hub Cymru Africa volunteer from Carrianne Ralph.

There are plenty of ways to get involved with our work. Here are a few examples:

Event Volunteers

What kinds of tasks can I do?

Meet and greet, staff the reception desk, network, take notes, look after guests, photography, write event reports. 

What are some of the benefits?

Networking with those in the international development sector, hearing event speakers, self-confidence, communication skills, examples for a portfolio.

Communications Volunteers

What kinds of tasks can I do?

Blog, draft social media content, create infographics and posters and write news features.  

What are some of the benefits? 

Media and written and spoken communication skills, professional use of social media, IT and design. 

Research and Data Volunteers

What kind of tasks can I do? 

Respond to specific enquiries, contribute to policy or advocacy efforts, search for information using different sources, collate information in a spreadsheet or database, draft a briefing paper 

What are some of the benefits? 

Information literacy, applying your searching skills to real life situations, using different sources of information, knowledge of an issue within international development, spreadsheet and database use, writing for different audiences

Office Volunteers 

What kinds of tasks can I do?

Event logistics, communication with partners, responding to emails, updating spreadsheets, organising resources

What are some of the benefits?

Organisation, communication and administration skills, attention to detail, IT skills, office experience, working as part of a team.  

Deployment to another organisation within the Wales Africa or Fair Trade community 

Similar roles are available within our partner organisations including within thematic areas of interest including health, climate change, education, Fair Trade and sustainable livelihoods. 

Skilled placements 

Many Wales Africa linking groups also have specific needs around fundraising, strategic planning, governance and financial management and we welcome volunteers with existing experience in these areas of work. Volunteers looking to contribute their expertise in other areas are also always welcome.