Get Involved with Beyond 2015

There are several ways to contribute to the conversations leading up to the establishment of new global goals prioritising sustainable development and eradicating extreme poverty. 

  • Vote for the changes that would make the most difference to your world! The United Nations and partners want to hear YOUR priorities! My World is a global survey asking people to choose your priorities for a better world. Over 1 million people have already voted and the results will be shared with world leaders, helping to influence the next global development agenda. Take the survey now >>> 
  • Beyond 2015 invites you to share your vision for these new global goals. Your recommendations can be submitted to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) e-Inventory, an interactive resource available in English, Spanish and French, which is open to all stakeholders. Analysis of all proposals made to the e-Inventory will be shared with governments and the United Nations coordinating bodies on SDGs and the Post-2015 Development Agenda. Click here to make your submission >>>
  • Join the conversation by connecting to the regional and national hubs of the global Beyond 2015 campaign. For example, work with your southern partners, Diaspora or an international development organisation to feed into conversations in the UK or across Africa, Europe, Asia and Latin America. Contact details for national conversations are here >>> To help others organise their own national deliberations, find the toolkit here >>> 
  • Talk about the difference development can make. Contribute to creating a mass public motion for change across Wales, across the UK and at a global level by talking about the positive contirbutions that aid programmes and community projects can make. In a highly politicised climate of recession, public legitimacy is essential to put pressure on our elected leaders to negotiate for strong global goals.
  • Influence the UK contribution to the SDG’s Open Working Group by contributing to thematic discussions covering social, economic/governance and environmental issues.  These conversations are focused on the UK level and can be accessed by joining Bond Beyond 2015 UKContact the Hub to find out more about what’s involved or email Bond directly. 
  • Meet your MPs and MEPs and introduce them to Beyond 2015. Explain your interest and desires for the process as they have a duty to represent your issues in UK and European Parliaments. Find your MP here >>> and your MEP here >>>
  • Keep up to date with actions targeting the UN level by reading Beyond 2015 Action Circulars. They will be posted here regularly.

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Page last updated: October 2013, with thanks to BOND and Beyond 2015