Best Practice Training - Cardiff

20 November 2019
10.00 - 15.00

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Organiser: Hub Cymru Africa

Location: Cardiff

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Are you volunteering/working in an international development project and want to learn more about what is considered good practice?

Whether you are getting involved for the first time, or are an experienced volunteer/worker, this workshop will give you a valuable understanding of the latest thinking in good international development practices.  It will enable you to reflect on your approach and consider how you can sharpen your activities and projects. Not only is this good for your work, but it also helps to reassure your donors (whether individuals or grant giving bodies) that your activities are being handled ethically and responsibly.  

 The content of this workshop will include:

-          Past to present: the context of international development globally

-          Partnerships and power dynamics

-          Cultural differences: understanding and handling the challenges

-          Codes of conduct & advice for international developmen volunteers/workers

-          Communicating to others (e.g. donors, supporters): images and story-telling

-          Assessing intentions and managing expectations

-          Principles of good project/activity planning – an overview

 Organisations, groups and individuals in Wales who work with countries in Africa or with developing countries in other parts of the world, are very welcome to attend. The training is free of charge and refreshments will be provided.

Temple of Peace
CF10 3AP

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