Women Representing Women [in movement]: Theatre Reportage, Collaborative Art-Making and Performing

Start: 21 April 2018 - 12.00
End: 22 April 2018 - 14.00
This event has finished

Organiser: Carrie Westwater (Found Arts) and Aleksandra Jones (Republic of the Imagination)

Location: Temple of Peace and Health, Cardiff

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A weekend of performance and talks by artists and academics to discuss the representation (and mis-representations) of women; particularly those in post conflict and migration situations. With a special performance monologue by Annet Henneman of Teatro di Nascosto: Hidden Theatre; who create and curate interviews, stories, short films, photo's, writings: the voice of those who live war, oppression, occupation...

"From Iraq, Kabballah, Basra, Baghdad, a mother tells of fragments from her life today living Iraq; the (her) hope, the dreams, the fright, for a never-ending war and life under ISIS in Mosul..."

Free event (booking is essential due to numbers - however anyone interested is welcome). 

Aim of the Event: 
We are inviting anyone interested in ‘Women representing Women’ who may or may not identify as Refugee, Asylum Seekers, International, British or Welsh to co-create a large network (of men and women) to develop a strategy for creative outputs . This will be an on-going project that is rooted in current academic research in participatory co-produced film, theatre and other performative platforms as ‘HER VOICES SEEN’.

Together we will mentor eachother as a diverse creatives who truly represent Wales and our global experiences.

This conference / performance weekend will introduce collaborative methods of representation, where social justice meets testimonial voice. Artists, who are experts in Theatre Reportage, Forum Theatre, Testimonial Arts and Collaborative Art-Making will share their methods and creative outputs to workshop ideas with you over the two days. These ideas will be shared as an informal hybrid performance that presents the testimonial voice of women, collaboratively. 

View full programme at:

To book contact Carrie Westwater at her_voices_seen@outlook.com

or, directly at https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/women-representing-women-in-movement-theatre-reportage-collaborative-art-making-and-performing-data-tickets-44156469188

King Edward VII Ave
CF10 3AP

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