P4C - Training for Teachers

We can deliver P4C/thinking skills training courses of any length, to any school in Wales.
(Commissions outside Wales are also considered – please contact us to discuss this.)

Our previous clients include ESIS, Mid Glamorgan Education-Business Partnership, Carmarthenshire County Council, Torfaen County Borough Council, Careers Wales West, and many individual schools.

We can tailor courses to suit your needs, but below are our standard training options

Level 1 course in Philosophy for Children

p4c-training-powerpoint-slide1.jpgA full 2-day introduction, with SAPERE certification

If you want to get your pupils thinking critically and creatively, then this 2-day course is for you. It provides a full introduction to the Philosophy for Children (P4C) method of education.

Our trainer is accredited by SAPERE, which promotes P4C throughout the UK. Completing the  Level 1 course enables you to progress to Levels 2 and 3: see http://www.sapere.org.uk/Default.aspx?tabid=238 for details.

As well as helping to deliver subject areas, P4C can enhance PSE, ESDGC and the Thinking Skills requirements of the 2008 national curriculum.

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One day introductory course: 'Thinking Citizens'

Circle 2.jpgThis course is recommended for colleagues who want an introduction to the links between Thinking Skills, PSE and ESDGC. It stresses the importance of encouraging pupils to think critically and creatively about global issues such as poverty, inequality, climate change and co-operation.

During the morning, teachers try out a range of classroom activities that can help support this goal, whether at primary or secondary school level. In the afternoon there is a chance to think more deeply, with a practical introduction to the Philosophy for Children (P4C) method.

Sample Programme: 

09.30       Welcome and introduction
09.35 Overview: linking thinking skills, PSE and citizenship

Theme 1 – Thinking about yourself and others

09.45       Developing understanding of rights and responsibilities
10.45 Break
11.00 Democracy and children's participation
11.45 Introducting Philosophy for Children
12.30 Lunch

Theme 2 – Thinking more deeply: A sample philosophical discussion

13.15       Warm-up activities
13.30 Philosophical enquiry and feedback
14.30 Taking it further
14.55 Evaluation
15.00 Close

Please contact CEWC to arrange a course, or for further information.

Shorter Sessions

p4c-community-enquiry-pic.jpgIf you’d like to sample P4C before committing to a full training session, why not arrange a taster session?

We can deliver 60-90 minute workshops after school, or longer sessions if you have a whole morning or afternoon to spare.

These shorter sessions can include a general introduction to P4C and/or an actual philosophical discussion, to get staff themselves wondering about some of those big questions. Better still, we can provide a series of linked workshops, with colleagues trying out activities in the classroom in between sessions.

Please note, however, that taster sessions alone will probably be insufficient to gain a working understanding of P4C. If you really want to develop effective classroom practice, we recommend taking part in an accredited Level 1 course.

Please contact CEWC to arrange a course, or for further information.

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