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    is to enspire learning and action on global issues amongst young people.

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Wales Schools Debating Championships

Registration for the Wales Schools Debating Championships 2018 and the Training day workshops is now open!



ChangeMakers 2018-19: Apply now

Only 3 schools/colleges in Wales will be selected to take part through a competitive application process. 

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Global STEPS

LogoWe think that people who volunteer in global citizenship activities (international exchanges, peace projects, involvement in community linking, etc) develop important skills. But sometimes our volunteers don’t recognise the huge range of skills they develop while volunteering or, if they do, don’t always express these skills in a way that employers understand. Sometimes, employers don’t appreciate the skills developed while volunteering.

This project will support volunteers to:

  • Self-assess the skills developed during their volunteering experience using an online app.
  • Support volunteers to move their skills to the next level
  • Communicate those skills appropriately on CVs, job application forms, in interviews, etc
  • Raise awareness and promote the importance of these skills to employers

We’ve already spoken to volunteers, employers and other organisations to identify the most important skills that our volunteers develop. We have also written some questions to test these skills and put these into an online questionnaire.

Over the next year, we plan to test this questionnaire on 40 people in four countries in Europe, including Wales, before making improvements. Once we’ve got the questions right, we will develop the online app.

Then, there will be another round of testing before the app is complete. We will then share what we’ve done with as many organisations and volunteers as possible.

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